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28 April
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The Retreat Day Spa – Beauty

As the daily grind and extra work program takes its toll on your general health and welfare, once over time and space to recharge the batteries? The spa experience offers the perfect choice when you can not break for more than a few hours. Take a break from the daily routine and stress. Disappear for a short time and make you feel like I’ve been away for a week. Each spa offers its own menu of services and typically includes various types of therapeutic massages, facials, body treatments, manicure and pedicure, as well as luxurious body wraps. Aromatherapy is often added to the spa treatment to provide another element to the overall experience. There are different procedures in each spa, but in general will be given slippers, towels and a fluffy bathrobe. Therapeutic spa therapies used by ancient civilizations have been re-born in various ways to adapt to new-spa-practitioner.

Why not try one of these wonderful spa treatments which originate from around the world. 1. Enjoy a seaweed body wrap, clay, mud or plant extracts for the experience of ultimate relaxation and detoxification. Relax tired muscles, improve blood circulation and nourish the body. 2. A Swedish or Thai massage soothe, relax and tone the body. The therapeutic experience is enhanced with essential oils.

3. A European facial will hydrate, soothe and purify the skin. Therapeutic products include soothing and anti-aging components. 4. A treat for your feet! The treatment begins with a soak in a relaxing foot bath. The gentle removal of dry skin is followed by a massage of the feet and legs. Leave natural or fingers to apply the latest color. 5. A full body exfoliation with sea salt followed by a Vichy shower and hydrotherapy treatment with aromatic oils completes the treatment. 6. Feel the tension melt with a hot stone treatment! Allow aromatic hot stone is placed gently on your body to relieve the stress of the day. So take that well deserved rest day. Find your perfect spa place and put the spring back in your step. The latest day spa experience awaits you. Copyright 2005 Angie kocsi e co-founder of After many years enjoying the great spas of Europe and drawing upon her experience and knowledge of business, along with a successful career in Public Relations and International Marketing was created.

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