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03 December
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The Memory

The unknown – death, the afterlife, reincarnation, God, truth etc.-give by known based on the ideas, thoughts, knowledge and experiences of others, but if we want to be serious and honest with ourselves we have to recognise that we only know that it is the unknown relying on the knowledge and experiences of others. And if we already have an experience is this pleasant and enjoyable or more unpleasant, We should realize that which produces it, experienced it and which you want to repeat or not, it is the same. When we feel fear, the mind is which produces it, experiencing it and you want to escape from that unpleasant experience. Account the mind without even realising it divides itself into experimenter and experience, observer and observed. But the observer is the observed, the thinker thinking and the experimenter what experienced. When one wants to know itself and the first question that has to be done is: who am I? When we ask this fundamental question we can warn our mind is filled with multiple answers, all of them coming from various constraints. If one were spiritualist I would say that I am the spirit, the soul, another would say him I Supreme, the essence divine etc.

But we don’t realize that, which makes the question and which gives the answer is the same. Is thinking the questioner who am I? And it is that responds, I am the soul, the spirit, the I top etc. And thinking is not none of this, thinking is the response of the memory and the memory is what they learned in the yesterday that is brought to the present, is changed and continues into the future. Thought belongs to time and what is time may not know that it is as timeless. Thinking is Word, there is no thought without Word and the word taught it us small, just as we were taught to believe in God, spirit, or that is well and that is wrong.

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