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15 February
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The Group Dynamics

The main representatives of this trend are: Bion, Balint and Jacques. a humanistic current conceives human beings as a whole (holistically), and in constant interaction with their environment. Results from the integration of various theories or approaches, where the center of this integrity is the man himself. This is an integrative and eclectic power because it uses theoretical concepts and practical procedures, as they are necessary. Its representatives can be named: WASLON, MURPHY, Roger Willard, among others. Official site: theoretical physicist. a With this short version of the history of Group Dynamics; taken from Broto, Archimedes. , Introduction to Group Dynamics. (1985), we describe below, definitions of Group Dynamics, referred to in this work: a The reciprocal interaction of forces (positive or negative trends – Valencia) and resulting effects, are the dynamics of a grupoa a Lewin, Kurt a Dinamica of a group is a term used to refer to many different aspects of the functioning of the groups.

Primarily refers to the forces that interact within these groups to be organized and act to achieve their objectify . Shertzer-Stone Group dynamics: a It refers to the forces acting in each group throughout its existence and making it behave the way they Behave . a-Cirigliano Villaverde a The Group Dynamics refers to the processes used by groups that encouraged problem-solving purposes or action . Herrold, K. a Group Dynamics is a term that includes the group process and the roles of grupoa . Jenkins a La Dinamicaa Group is a A research field devoted to acquiring knowledge of the nature of the groups, the laws of their development and relationships with individuals susa and other gruposa .

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