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15 December
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The Effectiveness Of B2b

The search for new positions or multilateral relationships with new companies often involves a complex, slow, expensive and little successful selection process. However, creating a market research prior to the selection process is a recommended process that gives very positive fruits. Far from being a tear expenditure, determine and refine the niche market that we are going to go, guaranteeing a later adaptation of the profile sought for the vacant post. And best of all this is that this technique of the business to business, to access vast amounts of information through the network, is applicable to any sector: from the sale of gold until the selection of senior officials for scientific laboratories. A clear example was a company which was created to choose its new business partners.

After extensive research by market niches, they sent a bonsai to each of the company’s first selection phase. On the card, was only patent name, the company’s corporate brand and a small text where They commented that they would receive a call to proceed to an interview at a time. The reaction of the recipients was the desired by the Manager of the experiemento company. When, a couple of weeks after they received the call to arrange an interview, all cited charges had deeply informed of the existence of the company, as well as of the possible offers on which it could negotiate. This obviously meant a cheaper process, lower management costs and a faster and much more fruitful negotiation. Of approximately 200 companies selected, ended up hiring a 50, which means a resounding success. One shows, once again, on the bet by the quality, rather than quantity. For example, a company’s buy gold can choose between hiring 20 telephone operators to get sales calls, or a team of 5 professionals seeking other companies interested in raising programs in collaboration. Despite everything, no longer a strategy of how a signature is intended to position in the market. Original author and source of the article.

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