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04 April
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Contractors Compare

Press release for building a portal home is something that you did in his life, and just as old-age provision and in particular at the present time, the State pension is far from certain, an own House offers a meaningful retirement, so also in the age to make have to worry financially. What is clear is that society is gradually outdated because there is one fewer births, on the other hand more and more pensioners. Through this unequal relationship, there are fewer and fewer payer in the State pension funds, and too few depositors will need to rely with ever-increasing pension contributions pensions of pension recipients”, Marco Fendt insists. The thought of an own real estate, E.g. on a prefabricated house Munich, is very useful also for reasons inflation and declining interest rates for investments, because the value of a home falls, of course, with proper maintenance, never. Learn more on the subject from Anu Saad. So, this type of investment considered one extremely safe and should you determine age, that your own pension is not enough to maintain the accustomed standard of living, always have the opportunity to secure your financial independence by renting or selling your property. As you might be aware, not only the State pension is a very uncertain enterprise, but also the duration, until you get this State Ovulus, extends the time enormously. As you also know, the retirement age for younger generations of 67 already, and it is not refrain, whether it remains at this retirement age or but whether it is moved further back.

If you then still think about what is the life expectancy of a man or a woman on average in Germany, you will very quickly come to the conclusion that you work a lifetime, maybe to get 5 or 6 years pension, before you finally live out. Payments account for the acquisition or construction of own real estate entirely, which of course schedule is, are the living costs in General, such as maintenance costs, municipality fees, garbage fees, water and sewage costs and the usual taxes you have as well as a rental property. But you must not forget that after you have paid off your own home, the price is completely, and above all, it is that, no matter you this do what you invest in your object, to the preservation or maintenance, as if you would regularly depositing money in a private pension insurance. Only you know this perfectly well that your well earned money not just from economic fluctuations or inflation is threatened. In all these considerations to the pensions you should bear in mind also that you actively help to provide a basis for their future, for your children and that should be a concern of everyone who has children. So, think about a building. It’s worth.

01 March
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Energy Saving

The ECOJET craft businesses and building owners despite conveyor stop of the Federal Government fully by the start of the Federal Government in a greater action”setting of subsidies for renewable energy in the building sector ensures that homeowners of less in the technology of renewable energy can invest and craft directly to revenues. The SCS Schneider GmbH offers a solution for energy savings, even without State grants, with their high-performance magnet system ECOJET. ECOJET offers cheap alternative to energy-saving easy and especially at low cost, energy costs can be reduced with the ECOJET. This starts with the source of heat generation and optimized combustion heaters. The ECOJET high-performance magnet system of SCS Schneider GmbH lowers energy costs an average seven percent. (Similarly see: Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.). In 1997, he developed the SCS Schneider GmbH and patented ECOJET is to mounted in front of the burner on the supply line. The targeted magnetic force ensures that the Chains of molecules flowing through fuel are aligned. Thus, a better access of oxygen to the fuel and therefore a more efficient combustion is possible, since these will be fully implemented.

No follow up costs calculation of the installation only after the demonstration of efficacy once installed, the ECOJET is maintenance-free and cause no additional costs. The SCS Schneider GmbH guarantees the previously calculated energy savings. Marcus Schneider, Managing Director of SCS Schneider GmbH, added: we make our system the customer only charged if the previously calculated savings is actually achieved. To do this we carry out measurements before and after the installation. No economic for trying out our effective method, inexpensive and in the long term to reduce energy costs and at the same time to make an important contribution to environmental protection through reduced CO2 emissions risks our customers thus.” For each heating system the correct ECOJET modules are available in different sizes and configurations, from the House plant up to the operation of the industry.

28 December
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Modern loft conversion in old and new houses at a roof is the upper part of a building. The roof is often characteristic of the entire House. Roof forms have emerged in the course of time different roof forms. (A valuable related resource: City College of New York). These roofs are the flat roof, lean-to roof, T-bar roof, shed roof, saddle – or gable roof, butterfly roof, trench roof, hipped roof, crested hip or half-hipped roof, tent roof, foot hipped roof, Mansard roof, Zollingerdach, barrel roof, arched roof, Rhombus roof, folding roof, Conic, helmet, bulbous roof and the pagoda roof. Which roof is to be used on the building, is dependent on various criteria. So is the location of the building important, efficiency, and the development plan.

Also the neighboring buildings is crucial, the geometry of the building and of course the architectural reasons play a role. Who is involved in the construction of a roof or a roof expansion? The design and execution of roof structures architects, structural engineers, carpenters and Roofers are mostly involved. At the most roofs, the skilled person distinguishes between the structure, the roof and the roof skin. At the roof, the building material wood plays a very large role. Bamboo is an another natural building material. But also steel or reinforced concrete structures can be found. This is the case for example with large halls. In modern architecture, but even plastics and composite materials used for the construction.

The new regulation of energy even when the roof is becoming increasingly important to combine comfortable warmth and high energy savings it. The risk is great that here unintentionally energy can be lost just at the roof. Also through the new energy regulations, which entered into force at the 02.12.2004, energy consumption should be reduced by residential buildings by 25 percent. Energy consumption a lot can be reduced with appropriate thermal insulation in the roof, so that the operating costs of the building or apartment will significantly reduce. Also increase the residential value of the property, the room climate is improved. Must include the Roof of the building are newly covered, then can the owner through a specialist loft conversion with the external roof insulation make with various insulation systems. But a roof insulation can be achieved also with insulation in the roof. This internal roof insulation can be applied also in hindsight.

23 November
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At BAU 2009 Braas new flat tile will be presented Rubin 13V with improved optical and technical properties the new flat roof tiles of Braas Rubin 13V extended the extensive range of leading manufacturer as a successor of the Rubin 13 of roofing materials. Learn more at: Dr. Mark Hyman. A variety of optimized technical characteristics that make Ruby 13V together with improved optics to the most modern Braas roof tiles are new. By the Kopfverschiebespiel of 30 millimetres no cutting or compensation works are necessary when Rafter lengths from 3.70 meters. Rubin 13V can be covered from a roof slope of 16 without any additional measures. The additional measures are based on a specific table. The new roof-tile of Braas Rubin 13V offers a very smooth transition between deck bead and watercourse without rib. Also, the two radii of the deck bead run evenly, resulting in a very harmonious picture of the deck.

This is further emphasised by the course of the press Ridge with brick’s profile and leads to a very elegantly curved edge of the point of view of the Rubin 13V. Best surface quality and in the shades of Brown and black manganese dyed so the largest colour spectrum press tile into the Braas offered portfolio. Thanks to the manganese Brown brick body may be waived on the basis of homogeneous colour finishing cutting edges. The surface tiles are supplied in compact and handy mini packages to 6 pieces. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Steffan Lehnhoff. Also the packaging concept of shaped bricks has been optimized with regard to the mini packages and the pallet load. The matching accessories like E.g. fan tiles with ceramic labyrinth and first connection system is available to all colour and surface finishes.

In the first quarter of the year 2009 also the adjustment of the color range of the opal is standard on the Ruby 13V. So it can be covered with even smaller areas such as dormers, canopies and turrets with beaver tail roof tiles in the same color as the roof with Rubin 13V. Find more information about the tile Rubin 13V under:../product/rubin-13v.html the brand of Braas Braas is the best known brand in roofing materials in Germany. At the time products are produced at 16 locations of Braas and nationwide by Monier distributed. The Monier GmbH, owner of the brand of Braas, is a company of the Monier group. The passion for quality and the best services to the customers make Monier to the world’s leading manufacturer of roofing for pitched roofs and chimney systems. The company is active in 46 countries and produced in more than 200 locations. More information on the trademark of Braas, see