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29 July
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I want to, sometimes, to cheer up, but just courage – not an ounce. But there is a means of giving the skin a cool, and the body, so it needs courage. Many of them have one thing in common – menthol. Hear other arguments on the topic with Gina Ross. It is a substance extracted from peppermint mint, and gives cosmetics such an amazing feature – a cool gift. Getting on the skin, menthol irritates nerve endings, and we feel like it goes through to "chill." Often added to the menthol extracts aloe, lavender, cucumber, eucalyptus and almond oil.

In alliance with menthol, these substances are not only refreshing, but also moisturize the skin, leaving it softer, which makes it more long-term effect of freshness. Do not be afraid to "freeze" – menthol affects only on the surface of the skin, and it does not penetrate into the interior. Shower gel with menthol will be an excellent addition to a morning cup of coffee. Coffee awakens your mind, and menthol – the body. Cosmetics menthol can relieve headache pain and skin problems. By the same author: James S. Chanos. If you can not use gel, use a spray containing mint extract.

Not always possible to take a shower, for example, after training or work. And if you're pretty "Popoteli" – spray removes body heat and will give you strength and courage. The skin of your face, too, will be happy touch of cosmetics based on menthol. Thanks to her, you can reduce the inflammation of the skin, but also to reduce its fat content. And you get rid of the feeling of gravity felt by all people who have oily skin. Not accidentally, many tools are made for oily skin, that is, on the basis of menthol. Choose products that contain, at a time, and menthol and Eucalyptus: they lead to normal sebaceous glands, and absorb excess sebum and relieve irritation and inflammation. Often in the evening feet literally "burn" and wants to drop them into something icy. Dip them in mint tray. It removes fatigue and restore blood circulation in the legs, and in addition, perform deodorization. So the evening would not be spoiled by fatigue in the legs and will be a welcome continuation of the day. The main thing – do not to get involved. And if there are serious problems with the skin, you should consult with a specialist, because menthol, all the same – irritant and problem skin can be harmful. Freshness and vitality to you all day long!

18 September
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Surgery Can Wait! Smile For Health

Wrinkles are different. Deep senile or almost invisible around the eyes when we smile … . In 28, 30, 35 years each of us sooner or later finds a reflection lines, cutting through the delicate skin around the eyes. And most do not even think that our emotions – laughter, surprise, tears – make the facial muscles to produce up to 15,000 cuts per day.

Such reductions, and eventually cause wrinkles, which are 25 years old still reversible, and after 35 – remain perpetual reminder of our experienced emotions. Gain insight and clarity with Somatic Experiencing. “Injections of Beauty ‘, which block the facial muscles, is very popular. Peter A. Levine PhD has firm opinions on the matter. More and more women have resorted to this emergency measure in the fight for youthfulness of the skin. Injections of Botox, botulinum toxin – seems to be the most effective way to get rid of facial wrinkles. Now such services even offer a small beauty salons. But this rather serious Procedures, as with any medical intervention may be its contraindications and complications.

In addition, the side effects of Botox still poorly understood. To date, an alternative method, more accessible and safer, the call throws injections beauty cosmetology. Cosmetic laboratories are constantly developing new technology and the magic formula to combat the aging of skin. But the real revolution in anti-aging care came with the discovery of peptide technology. This technology has achieved such results that are comparable in performance with the best results in plastic surgery, but without the side effects and risks associated with these traumatic method Health and Beauty preservation. So that peptides can be considered a breakthrough in the cosmetics and alternative to plastic surgery. Creams with Botox like effect, smooths wrinkles, increases density and elasticity of the skin. Facial features are smoothed and softened. You may laugh, frown, smile – you can now not be afraid to express their emotions.

15 September
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Healthy Nails

No one would deny this thought that women's hands and manicured nails in particular, a thing in appearance quite important and is without doubt one of the main reasons for the success of any woman, is what makes the image of any woman. Menyayamanikyur we change the image, beautiful hands and nails manicured – the success and popularity of the transition of the opposite sex and a source of envy for her sex. To keep up with fashion, many women today are beginning to go on courses manicure, because doing manicure at home is not always convenient, and with the best care of your hands is not the best, in terms of shape and attached to the nail of his color, not to mention when it comes to bridal manicure. Painting nails requires a specialist of beauty, because even after the course to do manicure nail painting itself is very zatrudnitelnoTak want to touch on nail care, manicure, if French, the care easier but if it's design work, including painting nails, again manicure should be done under a special arrangement with a specialist or a beauty salon. Otherwise, maintaining the style and form will simply not possible due to and an appropriate level raboty.Zatragivaya manicure can not touch on a pedicure, because the nails require care everywhere. Amazingly, if it is possible to do a pedicure at a beauty salon, but if this is not possible, it is better of course, an experienced professional pedicure at home, often it comes out much cheaper. Especially since not every woman feels comfortable making a pedicure in the salon, in this case, special master simply ideal