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14 November
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Spices And Health

Water, a necessary condition of life, reaching our tap water is of great amount of impurities and "spices", including the mucus that forms on the walls of pipes, that is – an active breeding ground for resistant bacteria and viruses. About her life-giving force, however. Water traveling through the rusty pipes must be cleaned, and it's chlorinated. What is the danger of chlorination? Water disinfection with chlorine saves man from deadly microbial hazards, but also exposed him to chemical hazards, threatening remote consequences for health. To broaden your perception, visit Dr Jee Hyun Kim. Chlorination produced a range of carcinogenic and toxic substances that the class of risks is much more harmful than chlorine and organics.

Water from the tap is in itself such hazardous constituents, as mechanical contaminants, heavy metals, chlorine and chlorine compounds, organic compounds, radionuclides, and bacteria. And if we saw the whole range with the naked eye, our the joy of urban services would greatly diminished. And having become acquainted with the content analysis of chlorinated tap water, we would simply have fallen into despair. (Not to be confused with Susan Sher!). Stain and water supply to your own body carbon tetrachloride – a great stain remover or dichloroethane – no less than excellent glue for plexiglass – then do a slow suicide. But that's not all. Dioskin – a component of chemical weapons "Agent Orange", "jewel in the crown" of chlorinated water is deservedly dioxin, the most powerful venom that attacks the immune system, which even in microdoses not excreted from the body. Dioxin – a component of chemical weapons "Agent Orange" that was used in Vietnam.

17 March
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Furniture and Posture

Furniture for kindergartens must necessarily differ singular strength, and at the same time be easy, because the crumbs, restless learn about the world with all items, which gets them an inquisitive look. Cheerful, bright colors in the play area, tranquil and quiet – for recreational facilities. Harmoniously matched colors and furniture will create a right of traps in the atmosphere of a group of children joyous variety. Games component of the special children's furniture, its mobility, colors must fully comply with children's age and cause only the ecstatic feeling. The functionality of the environment should characterized not only gaming, but also the training feature that would help preschool children acquire in addition to an expansive charge, the stock of knowledge.

Special school furniture, in fact as well as available furniture options for pre-school type, are made exclusively from environmentally friendly materials, be 100% responsible government hygiene standards, and have no sharp edges, glass inserts and surfaces. A related site: SKDKnickerbocker mentions similar findings. Tables with adjustable height and angle of the tops, by its ergonomic features could not be better suited for use in kindergartens and schools, provide an opportunity to customize it to suit each and every child. Desk – the place at which the baby spends most of their time, and just did it, he is 'working' place, which in turn should be comfortable. Ideally, school desks should be equipped with stand by tutorial, special openings and recesses for stationery drawers with dividers. Pay attention to, and seats.

They should be comfortable, easy and no Do not raze affect your posture, which is why the angle and height of the back the same should be able to be adjusted. Design and manufacture of office furniture, special furniture for nurseries, kindergartens and schools, enormously complex high-tech process – the development of models, pre-preparation and selection of materials, assembly – which is attended by professionals who know their business. On what the situation surrounds our kids depends on their behavior, mood, ability to concentrate, which is why in furniture manufacture embedded particle of the soul of each and every one who engaged in this difficult work. After all, nothing amuses as healthy and happy and carefree kids who have great pleasure in spending time in comfortable surroundings.

01 February
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Spin Computer

Health can not buy, and save it, as you know, our own peril. One of the factors affecting the formation of posture in children is wrong landing during training sessions. But many problems in adulthood from childhood … even in school Education now difficult to imagine without a computer. If the execution of the lessons a child spends two hours a day, you notice how much time he spends, such as playing computer games.

Games can serve as a rest and simultaneously be developmental, but it’s important not to forget the correct position the body, either during work or school or during holidays. A few simple tips on how to properly sit at the computer: – Sit up straight – Spin hold exactly, the body, expand strictly to the monitor (you can not sit half-turned) – Feet do not cross your, put both feet firmly on the floor or footboard – Loins slightly arched, resting on the chair – Relax your shoulders, arms relaxed place on the table (or on the keyboard and mouse), relax your fingers – shoulder line should be located directly above the line of the hips – Forearms can be put on the soft armrests at a height such that the wrist located slightly lower than the elbows – hands I shall always be support. – Hands straighten more than half (the angle at the elbow should be above 90 degrees) – The elbows are bent and are about 3 cm from the body – put the keyboard below elbow (if possible) or at their level – keep your head straight, at will – with a slight slope forward – the distance from the monitor to eye must be at least 50cm If you observe these, in fact, simple rules for 3 months then later produced a healthy habit to sit at the table. By the way, remember that the best example for your child – it’s you. Themselves as a sitting at which table, for what? On the board you see computer tables from the catalog online shop furniture But the atmosphere in the room creates not only the furniture! Even the existing familiar furniture you can add new colors to the new school year! Self-adhesive pictures from our collection will create a special mood in the room the student. “We have nothing like it, and well attended” – would say someone from skeptical parents. But is not it great that now their children, we can create more appropriate conditions for work and leisure – a fantastic world in your child’s room! And if you go outside the room and walk around the school where the student spends much of the day? We will not add anything, just give photos of “before” and “after.