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29 December
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Subvenio E.V. Committed Successfully For Love Parade Victims

Dusseldorf accident victims lobby proves strong network and non-bureaucratic competence Dusseldorf also there is many still very present not only those who have experienced it myself or involved as members of four months after the love parade disaster. Because also the latter suffered some serious injuries, even if they were not on the spot. Injuries of the soul, stretching up to the total trauma. Regardless of guilt and responsibility issues, the Dusseldorf subvenio e.V. the competent contact persons offered his support for the victims.

Finally, the Organization has expertise and contacts in the field of Psychotraumatology, which however not wanted to take advantage of the official bodies. Only Jurgen Hagemann turned person on subvenio by mass panic self-help e.V. with a request for help for a love parade victims. To read more click here: cardiologist. Alone by her strong network and non-bureaucratic action the accident victims lobby could help and obtain a place in the psychosomatic clinic Wersbach in Leichlingen, the this spontaneous and free of charge provided. Stefanie Jeske, Chairman of the subvenio Association, hopes that many qualified clinics will follow this example and contact you. It is clear that not all those involved can be treated free of charge with us. However a timely shot, Simplified formalities and if necessary also a cooperative behavior of the health insurance companies are extremely important.” As in the case of mediated Loveparade victim’s own attempts to get inpatient treatment place, had failed.

The person was caught in the tunnel for three hours and had suffered in addition to a concussion mental damage, which is made worse by daily. About the mass panic self-help group Jurgen Hagemann, whose Tochter misfortune Duisburg also suffered, der subvenio e.V. heard about their fate. Through the use of auxiliary network the Dusseldorf organization contacted Leichlinger clinic Wersbach, a clinic for Psychosomatic Medicine and psychotherapy. Its Managing Director Kurt H. K. Lammert promptly said a free treatment room for the victim for effective assistance without bureaucracy and further loss of time caused.

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