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05 June
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State Drug Treatment Center

You can send a tortured relative / friend / spouse (y) in the State Drug Treatment Center, but there, as practice shows, the probability of cure is low. Typically, patients continue to receive "" from "well wishers", complain about the mistreatment of them nurses and negativity from the people around them. Click Dr. Mark Hyman to learn more. You can try to pull my child from friends of drug addicts, alcoholics, and to send a small "link" – the village to the grandmother, "Relax" abroad. According to parents, the farther from home, the easier it is to "cure" and give up drugs forever. Learn more on the subject from John Craig Venter. However, there is a pitfall: now virtually everywhere, even in the wilderness, you can find the most cherished programs.

K Besides, most likely, your son (or daughter) to quickly familiarize yourself with the local drug addicts and go into the old rut. But what if you combine "link" in an exotic country with a course of treatment for drug or alcohol at a special center? By this program works Medical Center Nazaraliev from Kyrgyzstan. Treatment takes place away from home for a unique technique of Dr. Jenishbek Nazaraliev in several stages, including psychotherapeutic rehabilitation. Significant additional effect of treatment (25%), according to the doctor, gives life in Asia, with its special culture and life, as well as the healing nature of the country: a favorable climate, soothing and relaxing mountain and river clean air, greenery and, of course, freezing Issyk-Kul. The main thing is that the patient voluntarily began his treatment, was conscious of the responsibility for their own recovery.

A skilled psychiatrists, addiction treatment, hospital medical staff support and help the patient pass this difficult path. The medical center doctors together with the patient solve the main problem of treatment: the spiritual rebirth of a drug addict, a complete and conscious rejection of drugs and alcohol. Treatment at the Medical Center Dr. Nazaraliev – a real chance to find again the happiness of living. Energy, power and desire to rethink its existence until recently filled the doomed, full of sadness and hopelessness of people who once admitted to hospital in a state of severe drug intoxication. A unique method of treatment is literally "pulls" a man from another world. Former patient of our clinic finds opportunity to start a family, get a job, to feel the happiness of fatherhood / motherhood, and his / her parents are reviving hope to hear such a simple and touching words such as "grandma" and "Grandpa." Medical Center Dr. Nazaraliev – a strong foundation of remission, the return of a person of ordinary human happiness be, to live full lives, build their future.

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