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02 May
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Sport Fitness Wellness

ixmal in Aschaffenburg, Germany, Grundau Loveless, Schweinfurt and Wurzburg behind the brand founded in 2002 ixmal is a young and dynamic fitness concept which satisfies everyone. At the heart of us is the satisfaction and the wellness of our members. For this we offer maximum service, professional support, qualitatively and technically up to date held power – and Cardiotrainingsgerate in a cosy atmosphere to Member-friendly conditions and an unbeatable price. With over 25 years experience in the fitness industry, we are a competent partner of our members and help everyone to realize their goals and wishes. Basically between fitness, performance, and health training. Our studios are designed and extensively equipped that you can perform each workout with us.

Weight and character training are popular targets of training, not only for our female members. Our Cardioparks with Cardiokino your pounds tumble faster and make fun. Of high-quality Fitness equipment you’ll put your muscles into shape and increase your BMR. Combined with a sensible diet concept, you will soon reach your desired weight and you feel completely. Back training is not just for older people. Certainly everyone has ever felt back pain, it is due to an injury, occupationally or by overwork. Our back has an important role and should be specially cared for.

Regular back exercise causes a physiological and healthy upright posture and a crisp back helps in any situation. Muscle building does not necessarily mean bodybuilding. We move our bodies not enough, he breaks down muscles. Regular exercise strengthens your muscles, fills you with more energy and makes you powerful. You feel better, healthier and you’re actually there. As muscles strengthen the joints and protect our entire musculoskeletal system. Endurance training is an important Block of your workouts and training the heart muscle. Our heart is responsible for supplying all organs and muscles throughout the body. Your heart is stronger, you’re even healthier and more powerful than man. Your body regenerates faster after stress and you have more energy to life. Therefore, there is a large Cardiopark with many excellent cardio-vascular exercise equipment in each of our studios. Already 20 minutes endurance training two times per week can your life change. Training objectives are as individual as man ixmal help yourself… you realize yours. No matter, whether weight loss, back training, toning or cardio – the qualified and trained team of trainers in your ixmal’s free competently to the page advises you and creates an individual training plan with you.

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