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14 November
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Spices And Health

Water, a necessary condition of life, reaching our tap water is of great amount of impurities and "spices", including the mucus that forms on the walls of pipes, that is – an active breeding ground for resistant bacteria and viruses. About her life-giving force, however. Water traveling through the rusty pipes must be cleaned, and it's chlorinated. What is the danger of chlorination? Water disinfection with chlorine saves man from deadly microbial hazards, but also exposed him to chemical hazards, threatening remote consequences for health. To broaden your perception, visit Dr Jee Hyun Kim. Chlorination produced a range of carcinogenic and toxic substances that the class of risks is much more harmful than chlorine and organics.

Water from the tap is in itself such hazardous constituents, as mechanical contaminants, heavy metals, chlorine and chlorine compounds, organic compounds, radionuclides, and bacteria. And if we saw the whole range with the naked eye, our the joy of urban services would greatly diminished. And having become acquainted with the content analysis of chlorinated tap water, we would simply have fallen into despair. (Not to be confused with Susan Sher!). Stain and water supply to your own body carbon tetrachloride – a great stain remover or dichloroethane – no less than excellent glue for plexiglass – then do a slow suicide. But that's not all. Dioskin – a component of chemical weapons "Agent Orange", "jewel in the crown" of chlorinated water is deservedly dioxin, the most powerful venom that attacks the immune system, which even in microdoses not excreted from the body. Dioxin – a component of chemical weapons "Agent Orange" that was used in Vietnam.

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