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31 December
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Single Mother

ra 1995, still remember the small gathering of friends who came to my house to celebrate my 18th birthday, and my adulthood, I also remember my father with a camera trying to capture some funny and I remember my mother the kitchen preparing something delicious to invite my friends while everyone looked for a topic for conversation, an innocent thought kept crossing my mind today a despues ends the curse. My mother had become pregnant at 16, and always saw in his eyes the fear that to me the same thing happens, my father was too jealous to me so did not have much freedom, you could say that was invalid because it could not express what they thought without getting a sermon or reprimand. But that’s another story. To know more about this subject visit Mark Hyman, MD. A sense of freedom took hold of me every time I said TODAY turns 18, today it may be funny but at the time believed that an invisible bubble would protect me from getting pregnant, so I thought sadly. A few months then gave me the fatal news was pregnant and had 3 months a You might wonder “Y3 months and you did not notice?, because you know what level I thought the story of the bubble, all symptoms were anything but pregnancy and to say that was my flat stomach without any change, even after learning the news did not want to believe it, I would have made all necessary examinations until someone told me that everything was OK a “it was not necessary a ” real world when I came over one night lying in my bed praying that everything is a mistake to put my hand on my stomach and something moved. ..

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