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27 December
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Sebastianista Rebellion

Terreal paradise: the sebastianista rebellion in the Mountain range of the Rodeador. Joo Pablo Filgueiras, Caio and Rodrigo. 1? The Mountain range possesss a great rock, in whose cracks it was said to hear voices, noise of battle and sounds of instruments. She was considered magic. The myth was created of that Dom Sebastio, a lost Portuguese king in Morocco, would come back through this rock and would face enemy forces for more powerful than they were. The form of the rochedo, or some forgotten battle could have given origin to the myth. Aboriginal or African beliefs had added religious imaginary it the Iberian one. 2? The year where the rebellion occurred, 1820 were crucial for the history of the country, had a conflict between the Portuguese and Brazilian elites on the localization of the capital of the United kingdom, Rio or Lisbon.

More the Portuguese conservatives wanted that Brazil came back the condition of colony. The real armies needed an example of its force that intimidated the Brazilian elites without touches them. The coitados poor persons of the Rodeador not only bothered the monarch. The armies of local provinces were losing conscripts who turned into a desert for there, the farmers not only lost lands, but mainly, man power. the example could motivate other groups to defy the established order. They had been sacrificed.

3? The troops of major Lobo and lieutenant-colonel Carneiro had attacked the inhabitants at night, had massacreed some, stolen, set on fire and certainly they had forcene. The prisoners with military formation had been enlisted to serve to the army in other regions. Useless the untied ones. Children small servants for the soldiers. Captivated women to serve as prostitutes. Madureira Wolf divided the troops and attacked alleging that the rebels had shot first. The authorities to be justified had made judgments alleging that the natives carried weapons, were composed in deserters, wizards and conspirators. 4? The rebels asked for land, religious freedom, the end of the obligator conscriptions, the end of the high prices and to be buried as the rich ones in the churches. Analyzing these claims, one uncovers that they wanted agrarian reform, been lay, professional army, to finish with the inflation and the end of the social inaquality. They had not been fanatic as they described them to the elites, but people who had found a form of if organizing socially and fighting for its rights, therefore what they desired is what today we call in them ' ' state of well-being social' '.

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