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18 December
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Russian Academy

This phenomenon was studied scientists of the Russian Academy of Sciences. It turned out that the whole thing in water that they drink the locals. It passes through the magnetized layers of the Earth, becoming a "magnetic>> that is biologically active, has received a number of remarkable properties. While talking about such a discovery in this case is not necessary. Just the facts. The first mention of the influence of artificial magnetic fields on the human body belong to V century bc. On the use of permanent magnets for medicinal purposes, Aristotle wrote (III century bc.

Er.) Pliny the Elder, Pshpokrat, scholars of ancient China. More Dioscorides (I century ad. Er.) Recommended the use of a magnet from a bad location spirit. And in 1000 the great physician, Abu Ali Ibn Sina (Avicenna) is actively using magnetic therapy in his medical practice. First to document the description of the properties of the magnetic field belongs to the English physician and naturalist of the xvii century William Gilbert, who formulated the major advantages of this method of treatment.

In its filing came the concept of magnetic force, and then the magnetic field. In the xvii century, treatment with natural properties of the magnet has spread in the East, India, as well as in Russia. Anyway, this is confirmed in medical at the time – about the health benefits of magnetic properties of Russian healers do not know hearsay. In France in the xviii century magnets successfully treated with neurological diseases. In Russia in the xix century magnet is widely used by famous Botkin.

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