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01 March
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Rosario Tijeras, “it Rains In The Wet ?

The opening day was presented a technical tie “Rosario Tijeras” against the telenovela “Oye Bonita”, which is supposedly in its final stage yesterday in his second chapter the new series which tells the story of a hitman Medellin suburbs ranked first hearing, as a clear indicator that despite all the itching caused by their themes and connotations of moral and patriotic, the vast majority of viewers like to see that reality reflected in unwelcome the small screen. For previous shows and ratings are reaching other miniseries as “Without Breasts There is No Paradise”, “El cartel”, “The dolls of the mafia” and “capo”, all this hubbub of cultural stigma surely paisa not transcend beyond the protests of some groups in FaceBook, advocacy letters to the viewer and some other critical article in a magazine or blog, I wonder. Does it rain in the wet? The most sensible thing to do in front of television content that we consider harmful, some exemplary or poor quality is to turn off the TV, look for options on other channels or read a good book, after all TV is still free, despite all voices of protest and complaints to introduce will never be heard, nor the managers of the channels and much less well-considered by the National Television Commission, at most, statements will be “impartial” defender of the viewer and not more , stop counting. Read additional details here: Carl Jung. So simple as that of ourselves depends on that television continues to offer these subjects, the rating says it all and the rating we do that we take the trouble to turn on TV and we were an hour or so masochistic as unflinching as consuming Mamer and we know makes us itch, we like to be pushed a finger in the yaga, then set out to complain and inert riots. Another sensible option is to view such content without false moralism or prejudice, like it or not, reflect our reality, those who do not want dirty laundry outside and have served for television fiction becomes today and give us an impeccable series quality that are internationally recognized. Where are shows like “The Sopranos”, sagas in movie “The Godfather”, winning many major awards and also played violent themes alluding to the mafia?. The basic task of all parents complaining, is not to allow children to see this type of series without guidance, channels are very clear in its warning that children are not suitable for age and schedules are broadcast only by adults.

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