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09 December
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Prospect Mira

Here you are standing somewhere in the vicinity Prospect Mira say on his car's nose, which rested in a side surface normal of some cars and think about how hard times to live in that light and that no good will come of what exactly this situation does not work, and feverishly feigns loss Not very bright prospects, is not it? And now imagine that you have dialed a phone number, and after 10 minutes. next to you are still a few cars of your mates! What do you think you will be easier to solve this problem? I think that a lot! 'll See who in this situation who has a crumpled car )) Or let's say a person with a label on the car project does not lead to divorce inspectors, and phoned the club and asked Council lawyer There are many examples where mutual assistance in our lives means a lot! But it's not just that the comrades of the club have helped you, and many more importantly, the author of the bases and the policeman, who bred you, make note they just got in my eyes is the yellow ribbon, which swayed in your antenna or on the handle cars. And then he saw another one and another, and then pondered whether or not substituted a man with a yellow ribbon on a car? And even inspector who failed to tear off with your money seeing other cars with ribbons and start thinking: what is wrong here And why did these with ribbons do not be afraid, and why even with either one of them failed to take the money and why some of the same here with the yellow ribbon he received last time great in the neck from the leadership of screaming – should know whom to breed Comes to mind ancient parable about how an old man gathered the children and gave them a hand broom We, in our lives have to every day with something to fight, it is no wonder they say that life – the struggle! But no one would argue that to fight better when there are a number of companions who will understand and support! Note – Hundreds of friends! In general, I am the subject!. .

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