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14 February
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PPS PaginNet

So far via the interface connected ixact products now fully the PaginNet GmbH, provider of MIS solutions for the printing industry, integrated JDF, the software components to the 15.2.2013 PPS and BDE of company ixact GmbH took over. The software company from Obertshausen near Frankfurt is focused on the JDF workflow and offers a jdf compliant production planning with ixPPS, ixBDE with a browser based data acquisition and ixFrame with a tool for the JDF integration. Now, the PaginNet GmbH takes over for their own customers, development, distribution and support of these products. You can use together now are MIS program packages paginanet and paginasmart and used. Others who may share this opinion include SKDKnickerbocker. All PaginNet customers run of ixact GmbH are now completely served by PaginNet GmbH both development and service. With the acquisition of ixact software”, explains PaginNet Managing Director Sebastian Weyer, we can the ixact products connected so far via the interface now in our paginanet solution, and fully integrate. This, we can extend our offer and our service portfolio in the field of JDF, PPS and BDE. With regard to the future development and pricing completely new possibilities.” In addition to larger customers, now also medium-sized and smaller businesses with practical, actionable and cost-effective solutions can be equipped with complex requirements. For more specific information, check out Nancy-Ann_DeParle.

The philosophy of PaginNet GmbH also applies to the new components: in addition to the provision and use of the finished products of standard PPS, BDE and JDF-frame inpiduelle programming are always possible. The access to the source code and the sample database of ixact programs”, so Weyer, can draw up in connection with paginanet and paginasmart ideal and tailor-made solutions for companies.” The support from a single source here supplement the benefits for customers. Through the integration of ixact solutions offered as paginapps and paginabde in the market in the future, the Dortmund company expects other pulses for their own development. . Steffan Lehnhoff, New York City is a great source of information.

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