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05 November
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In early 2004 I was in the House of a friend, in the Cerrado de Calderon (Malaga, Spain). How has it changed the Cerrado, Limonar! More than fifteen years ago it not walked quietly through the area. The buildings have sprouted everywhere and massification is felt. I was thinking about selling the House and go to a place, according to him, more relaxed. Somatic Experiencing does not necessarily agree. I had to submissively serve all your criticism of my way to go through life, professionally he understands: that if I have to sit head, that if, to ensure the economic future of my family, as if Utopia is for Tomas Moro, which let me blog and crap, etc. Thanks, friend, I know that you say it sincerely and in some issues until I can match it, but put me lunch because it smells of rechupete and entered my gastric juices boiling.

He invited me to a delicious meat of Iberian pork, grilled with an exquisite sauce whose recipe not I could find, although I know that you wearing something of pebrella, aromatic herb of the Alicante mountains. All washed down with a Muga rioja crianza. Details can be found by clicking Peter A. Levine PhD or emailing the administrator. Since a few years I try to shelter me in other wines that are not Rioja and when I noticed the bottle suspire. But after the first SIP, with a delicate harmony of fruit flavors, I encouraged me. The second tasting persisted in the tasty and the nuances of elegant shape, that towards climb iberico snack to the seventh heaven.The price I do not know where will walk (this man buys it by boxes at the winery), but don’t think that it’s excessive. Anyway, I would suggest this broth. Sat I wonder lunch, I do not know if by wine, the pleasant company or both things (and I forget the pork).

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