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12 October
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Ocean Body

Immunological defense to lift the immunity of people prefer without the doctor's advice to buy immunostimulants, which for example, combine the tincture of ginseng root, lemongrass and other herbs. Cardiologist helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. In fact, these drugs work only in times of illness when the body is weakened. Carry out disease prevention and enhance the resilience body they can not! Moreover, some adjuvants may be prohibited for adults or children for medical reasons. So buy the drugs that affect the immune system can only by prescription. There is another kind of immunostimulants, such as the thymus gland. They have different effects on the body. Some of them are shown during the illness, the other after it, and some have preventive impact. Constant and effective means of using natural products to prevent colds is to: – the liquid formula 'and Cordyceps Lingzhi' – herbal 'Force of Nature' – jelly capsules enriched with oxygen 'Pride Ocean '.

'Cordyceps Lingzhi and' You can bury your nose in, 1-2 drops, or taken into the inside of 2-3 ml. once a day. Kids also will appreciate such a perspective more than burying the nose. Preventing acute respiratory infections in children Children are most susceptible to colds and, of course, the last thing parents want to stuff the child's body with antibiotics and other medicines, especially infants. And it is not worth the hassle! There are drugs on the natural basis 'and Cordyceps Lingzhi', 'Propolis and Lingzhi'! To avoid a cold is necessary: – to make children with fingertips massage along the spine, allowed tapping and clapping to the edge of his hand until the skin do not blush – at the time of the adoption of a child bath can add a few drops of pine or citrus essential oil.

– Take the inside 'and Cordyceps Lingzhi' 0.5 – 2 mL. once a day. In addition to all above the means for both adults and children need healthy food, rich in vitamins and minerals. Only in this case the whole family will be able to withstand viral infections in autumn!

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