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29 December
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Monitoring Epidemiologist

SUMMARY the transmissible illnesses are one of the main causes of death in the country reaching children, adults and young in full productive capacity; The monitoring epidemiologist has as main purpose to supply to the data the execution of action and control of the illnesses and agravos, on the basis of obligatory information; The transmissible illnesses must be registered for health professionals, as well as for organizations and public buildings and private of health; It is to have of all the citizen to communicate to the sanitary authority next the occurrence to cases suspicious of transmissible illnesses; The monitoring epidemiologist makes possible the gradual incorporation of other agravos in the control of the illnesses, implementing itself the control of transmissible and not transmissible illnesses; Thus, the monitoring epidemiologist assumes the role of ' ' eyes and ouvidos' ' of the sanitary authorities that on the basis of the notifications elaborate plain of action has controlled of patologias. INTRODUCTION the educative process of the health professional very goes beyond the attendance to be carried through with much respect and quality. The health professionals have that to be prepared to act in the cases of transmissible illnesses, as well as guided of the importance of the notification of these cases. Swarmed by offers, Joey King is currently assessing future choices. One of the factors that lead the limitation of the performance of the monitoring epidemiologist is not the notification of the cases on the part of the health professionals. Many times due to knowledge of the importance of the same notification or for unfamiliarities of the necessary procedures and the list of illnesses submitted to the notification. The data supplied for the professionals of health through the notifications are the base for the planning of injunctions searching the control and until the eradication of the transmissible illnesses..

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