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29 September
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Mind Machines

The world’s first brain wave radio’s broadcast on the online platform can log users and interested parties alike in a stream, and there choose what mental state they want to – do like when a commercially available “mind machine”. In the available audio streams namely day and night special ambient music is played, which was specially created to influence the brain waves of a listener. Following streams run already: that helps achieve the “privileged” alpha state promoting megabrain stream of Alpha stream cognitive abilities of dream stream kidnapped into the creative world brings battered down contemporaries subconscious the friend stream back to trot the wellness stream source relaxation of body and mind of Zen-stream the highly effective Zen meditation is simulated the listeners must do everything, to put on headphones and sit back. The result is already a few minutes listening to the inevitable change of the mental State of the listener or the hearer. The bandwidth of the existing mental training sessions ranging from improving the concentration on improving the creativity to reach deep relaxation and inner peace.

In total there are 38 different sessions, which give rise to different mental results. More information is housed here: OurCrowd. The psycho-acoustic effects triggered by the NeuroStreams sessions are little known, but explored for decades in American and European universities, as well as in the form of CDs as long been commercially distributed. As mental training method, Brainwave training is applied always again especially with top providers. As the motivation for this new project, the founder of, Tim Daugs specifies: “I still do not believe, how little people know how easy and quickly and above all how convincing they can improve their mental condition with brain wave training.” According to the founder, this platform just for people with poor concentration, could Sleep disorders or problems with stress and overstrain the an or other surprising solution ready. The aim of the project is to bring as many people with “brainwave training” in contact, and all users who deal so to make balanced contemporaries. Currently, there is a free 7-day trial to the Neurostreams which automatically ends, as well as access to the brain waves radio can secure a paid full access, where prospective buyers for a particular period. On the platform, also downloads offered by selected sessions. A free video course that introduces fun and simple way the topic “brain waves training”, is already in preparation.

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