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03 November
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Mental Health

' ' … Is in project to initiate a time to the month ' ' (A.C.O.). ' ' Not. The cases are directed for the CAPS' ' (E.L.B.). One perceives that some did not develop no related activity the mental health in its customers, and tried to compensate with directed actions other programs as hipertenso and diabetes – HIPERDIA.

Being that, they ran away total from the main focus and if they said to be unprepared to play such function. Some until had demonstrated interest in this area and that they were with good will in playing pertinent actions the mental health. Projects existed that would favor the promotion of the mental health of the people. But, on the other hand, the majority if said unsatisfied for not having any type of incentive to act in the area, among the difficulties, is distinguished it lack of qualification of the team and the guiding of all carrying users of mental upheavals to the specialized job, the CAPS. Ahead of the questioning on which the difficulties that they had in carrying through activities of mental health in its communities, had been described replies that the precariousness of the sector demonstrated, mainly, related to the human resources, the lack of able people are a constant concern.

' ' Yes, we do not have trained RH (enabled) ' ' (W.L.F.V.). ' ' Yes, professional unpreparedness and some preconceptions … ' ' (N.A.M.R.). Other professionals declared that the lack of interest of the user in contributing for the process of reestablishment of the activities of daily life e, mainly, of the family in contributing with the treatment, still more made it difficult the application of promotions for well-being of the customer. Answers as the inexistence of a protocol to serve of base for an assistance of quality, or same the inefficiency of the current lines of direction in vigor, had been also displayed as concern points, as well as, the dissatisfaction for the fact of, not to know to deal with these types of patients, also judging the academic formation as factor for this picture.

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