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12 June
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Mental Health

The symbolic conscience evolves of the percipient field and starts to also act in relation to objects, times and thought spaces, want remembered or imagined. However, the construction of relative the mental images to the lived context space-weather depends exactly on the previous, practical and corporal action of the baby on this half. It is the action of the body that makes possible the internalization of the images of objects, the people and the places, catching its forms, colors and movements (OLIVEIRA, 1998). Still according to author, during all the cycle of the life, the body comes to be to the base of formation of the mental images, that continue if to process of form associated with the emotions and related feelings and to the history of life of the person. In critical situations of the vital cycle as times of great changes and transformations personal, educational, familiar or professional, as in infancy or the oldness, the mental system runs the risk of if closing to the way, in a defense movement, that it can be disclosed by means of an anxiety and/or depression picture. Playing, by its characteristics of descontrao and pleasure, can be considered as an excellent instrument of reequilbrio to be used in the day the day, or same in evaluation situations or intervention. Playing offers an immense gamma of possibilities that combine the most varied forms of corporal tricks, symbolic or of rules.

Continuing the author, through the games and tricks, if they create conditions favorable to the envolvement in group, social, more motivated. The body acquires more life, more health, the movements more coordination and precision, the breath and the anxiety tend if to normalize. The cognitivos processes if fortify. The memory if exercises and individual attention if it extends, the people if communicate of dynamic and motivated form. According to Macedo (2003; 1994) the difference between playing and playing, is that playing it is the act to play with the ideas, the situations, with emotions, with feelings, with people, objects etc., and that the objectives and the regulation, are not predetermined necessarily and playing are to play with predefined objective rules and.

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