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03 October
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Medical Consultation

Yesterday I went to pick up an aunt to take her to a medical consultation. Television was one of the famous talk shows where faced with different people in different situations. As time passed and went stories increasingly pathetic (and absurd), I couldn’t help but think about the actual thing that are and how there are really bizarre situations. By the way, was not born yesterday I know that reality shows and talk shows are more show than anything else, but the thing is that I have seen many of these things with real people in real situations. Seriously, who can believe the story of the type who stole all the money in the fortnight, when it arrives three days later and distilling alcohol? Or the girl who did not sleep at home because it was caring for a friend who was very sad that then appears in pictures of the feast of x.

I have seen that only a parent or someone in love. Accept it, when we’re in that State simply believe whatever. While all the others rotate the eyes, they cover the mouth to laugh or make snide comments, eyes shine to us to know the reason, totally credible (Aja), the boyfriend who arrived with lipstick on the collar and the girl that lost money from income but that comes with new earrings was found lying around do you think? Yes, I also fell in some of these things, and looking at it in retrospect, I should really be crazy to believe such things. I comforted a little knowing that we are all equal. One generation after another will continue believing the same incredible stories while others laugh. While we are a bit more intelligent and cynical, youth arrives with freshness and ingenuity we have ever had and told outraged that not to mention badly her boyfriend (a) because you don’t know it like me!. Well, I guess that it is part of this world. As well as leave the post so that the new generations have jobs, studies and break Olympic records, We can also see that, in believing incredible things, seems that they follow the example.

Anyway, how beautiful is love and couples. Get the right pair can take time, but it almost always arrives. While not waste time with who does not deserve it by the way you can detect by the incredible stories. A little more than cynicism does not make you more intelligent but perhaps help you see when should not believe everything you hear. Course are those who believe blindly in love and that they promote absolute confidence that leads to the naive couple screaming convinced: of course, not the photo is kissing with that girl! He was in the Church! Not answered me the cell because they do not allow at the Temple in the end, we are human. We learn to speak, write, send text messages and believe outlandish things. And some of those people say that how someone can believe in UFOS? do you think? I am webmaster of the site learn to make money on the Internet and, among other things, you can learn how to make your own business online.

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