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24 May
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Marcel Proust

3.The time of year. Our level of project specific. In years we just studies, we have children, projects, etc 4.The century time. It marks our existential level, as in a century we are born and we die. Dr. Mark Hyman may not feel the same. As I have said, the fabric of time, is a structure of fundamental support for our psyche. If you visualizais these four temporary strata, as if a defensive barrier were to psychic skin mode, imagine, that mental illness hits over that barrier. While neurosis erode the more superficial layers of existential levels and vital project, psychoses step open to the depths of our temporality. They may destroy the habits of the person (in many psycho patient lives at night and sleeping day), forzandole to a change of reality (delusions).

One way of trying to keep us afloat and survive both tiredness, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia, is the use of drugs. But when we talk about drugs, not only I mean those that are sold in pharmacies, but that US auto prescribe. We are going to take a little stroll through the auto medication and their figures: 1. front of tiredness: caffeine, sugar or cigarettes 1500 weekly millions of drinks with caffeine (tea, coffee and cola drinks) 6 million kilos a week in sugar 2 million kilos of chocolate a week 1500 million cigarettes per week 2. Against anxiety and depression 120 million of alcoholic beverages a week 10 weekly provacateurs 3 million. If it gets very bad: the doctor. Pay attention to the following figures, because as indicated in nutrition and psychotherapy, the continuous pharmaceutical industry rubbing their hands.

540 tranquilizers million a year 465 million sleeping pills annual 824 billion of antidepressants per year 10 million visits per year to the World Health Organization psychologist says that mental health problems, are becoming the main problem of the 21st century: 1 in 4 people will suffer some problem of mental throughout his life nature and 1 of each 10, suffer throughout his life. As you can see, there is a great imbalance in our lives due to many years of inadequate nutrition, Permanent exposure to contaminants and environmental toxins. What is more serious, is that those numbers are growing every year and it seems impossible to mitigate them. As Marcel Proust said the true act of discovery does not consist in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes. We need a new way of thinking about mental health, where included the role of nutrition and chemical environment, accepting that both play a decisive role in our way of living. I believe that it is essential to combine optimum nutrition, with a good psychotherapy in a variety of mental health problems. In numerous Sometimes, this combination works much better than the drugs alone; and Furthermore, without its side effects. Eduardo Cabau original Autor and source of the article.

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