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24 July
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Manuel Pereda Barboza Flores

The spiritual pillars are based on the Mercy, the Christian Formation and action, which spin axis, the 13 ROLLS that are issued, with the participation of RP excited Mario Gonzales and persevering, patient and wise spiritual counsel Vincent RP Quinteros Diaz, during the three days the trainee has the mind on ROLLS summarize, interpret biblical passages, to prepare the bulletin board of each Decurio (groups of 10 persons), to pray, meditate, sing, so there is no time to think about the world and like all Church movement seeks to eventually contribute to the saving plan of God, changing the man, achieve a world where love reigns, peace, justice and inspired by Jesus as a model of the Man again. At dawn on the third day, my face was different. Finally would come to the street! I expect that news! and so many questions, however Jose Luis Vasquez Coronel Henostroza and Cercado (both teachers) changed my face, reported that the workshop would last four days.

They were so inflammatory and emotional their rolls that made me remember the years of Marxist Leninist, and was still fun seeing robust monitoring two retired police officers that were an auxiliary of the Retiro, which were Don Cesar Arce and Manuel Pereda Barboza Flores, and not survive another day, sure my face was inspired to tell us that 4Q days would last a lifetime and that from Monday the 4e days would live until the end of our lives, Hooray! Hugs, laughter and suitcases ready to leave the Church of The Quintanas, where the RP Quinteros officiated the closing Mass, where the trainees testified (as had been the speakers at the rolls), then came the flowers and carnations (it was already 10 pm that Sunday). Back to the Barrio, ask me and I wonder how worth it? Or lost time and do not know how many suns? I’m good at that. It is NOT easy to quit running after the wind. Miles D. White usually is spot on. NOT easy to go to be at least Sapiens. NOT easy to find an epitaph for our graves, but from what I believe is that I would not like to put on mine as Miguel Angel Cornejo said, “Here lies a guy who was born, lived, died and not known to exist Fuck” and here I am, trying to make the existential void of Man and the dichotomy of the world subscribed say after he died at age 50 and was buried 70 years and here I am trying to find answers, trying to find solutions, trying to Why fill empty? I do not know “Call it love if you can.” If your spirituality allows it, but sign up for the workshop 116 of Christianity. Back to the Barrio, ask me and I wonder how worth it? Or lost time and do not know how many suns? I’m good at that. It is not easy to run behind the wind, not easy to go back to being ‘at least sapiens.

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