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17 January
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Karel Svoboda

“The new album by Ella finally – as appears on October 15, 2010 Ella finally is there finally because her album which will be released on October 15, 2010 and is there with a short” waiting. And this album title, this”is, more than just a word game over there, it is expression and content of a new course in dealing with the German language in the context of pop. Clarity instead of lifeless running together lines, combination of poetry and everyday language and a conscious liberation from stereotypes of the dusty hit, is the central vision with the Ella finally appears and wants to convince. To Ella: everything needs a singer is in the text. The rest is only madness. What I sing, comes from me, heart and soul. I would like to take care of myself, me search, and find.

A text, the music, the Word helps me and already I have come a little closer my truth.” With the romantic ballad to the tune of three nuts for Cinderella”by Karel Svoboda is Ella enter finally end 2009 managed. Impressive, how gallantly she slipped into the role of a fairy tale Princess. Easy to fall in love! So could place the single zero at number 29 of the German charts and reached their best ever listed in the media control single charts a short time later with 12th place. “” 19 weeks see presence, over 70,000 sold units, large television shows such as the advent Festival of 1000 lights”(ARD), music for you” (MDR) and welcome to Carmen Nebel “(ZDF) as well as over 630,000 views at youtube as a result to this day are fixed. The artist born in Weimar, and grew up in Berlin was introduced at last, very early by her father, the renowned arranger and producer Norbert to the music. At the age of ten, she made first professional vocal recording sessions in a Studio.

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