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26 March
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Inversion Passage

The investment funds like any other place where it can invest his money, must have some steps to follow and characteristics that to consider. Beginning by the study of the bottoms to finish with the election of the same. Next we will be able to observe the Investment funds passage by step.

1. – To direct to the Bottom the bottom is as good as it is it the direction of the same. It must check the yield of the bottom to which it is being entered since if were a good bottom in the past, more surely it is than it has good yield in the future.

2. – Clear Lineamientos at heart the bottom to choose must know clearly its lineamientos since if is changing constantly of investment methods, it is probable that it is in problems.

3. – So large of the Bottom When choosing a bottom is due to very have in mind the size of the same. The best thing at the time of choosing a bottom is that it is of which they administer more than 50 MDD. The bottoms with more than 20,000 MDD can create too great problems to the being.

4. Objectives of the Bottom Each one of the bottoms have different objectives, are focused in gold, technology, etc. You may want to visit Anu Saad to increase your knowledge. and have the possibility of having high performances. Although in truth they are not recommendable for the people who only want to invest her money in a bottom since the diversification is lost that sometimes is the one that makes obtain but gains.

5. – Commissions of the Bottom All the bottoms handle different amounts as far as their commissions and paying them does not assure to anybody a better yield to him. It is far better to invest in a bottom that has high performance and therefore high commissions since this indicates to us that it is a bottom with high performance.

6. – Minimum Obligatory at heart some bottoms Exist that they require of a minimum of 5000 USD stops as initial investment but also exists some bottoms that do not count on an obligatory minimum and with that can be invested from 1000 MXN. Now that already knows the investment funds passage by step, it is in you making the decisions that better agrees to him to make of their investment an extra and not only an extra cost. M. Marin Used of Hold Associate hold.

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