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08 April
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Ads on the Internet are one of the most dedicated electronic media to give to communicate or to advertise, different goods and services. These, are regarded as a very safe, but more importantly, propaganda model which has the merits be accessible and cheap. One of the main particularities of Internet ads is that they combine different components, including illustrations, terms, links, colors, etc. are distinguished. Most of the ads over the Internet have in common that they contain text, a title, a slogan or in other cases an idea of sale, e-mail address of the company that is advertising, links, striking images, description of product or service database listing and links. On the other hand, within the main advantages that can be found in the ads on the Internet are: that they save time, are low cost, you can get to a number of consumers, in other words have greater Auditorium, the risks are low in comparison with different types of advertising, requiring low investment, favor the launch of more and new goods or services, and finally, facilitate interaction between client-company. Finally, it is stated that in later almost all trade is carried out by electronic spaces, so that the establishments must be prepared to position itself in this medium, being Internet ads a very efficient way to achieve this.

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