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30 March
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International Companies

International companies with integrated services quoted very low prices, then compensate by raising prices of goods and services that are not produced in the country. If this is incorporated into the myth “that the imported is better” is a widespread opinion matrix affecting the domestic industry. Cleveland Clinic may help you with your research. Thus, one might conclude, one participant stressed that, for disloyalty commercial, consumer willingness to win no matter the legitimacy of their business practices and breach of international regulations has dumped Venezuela for marketing or export of certain products. Remarkably, we investigate each case, once you sue or are suspected of unfair practices or dumping, then start a process investigation to verify the information and fees or penalties are applied as warranted every practice and following the legal framework in each state. According to the Economic Agreement for trade relations between Chile and Venezuela, in situations of dumping or other unfair trade practices, as well as distortions arising from the application of export subsidies and domestic subsidies of equivalent nature and the country concerned, previous positive test for serious injury to domestic production, may apply measures under its domestic law, such as royalties and fees are necessary to avoid injury pair, while simultaneously discussing the case within the so called Administrative Committee referred to in Article 33 of the Agreement.

Point is stressed that the anti-dumping and subsidies and safeguards, can be opened automatically, states have the right to open investigations. The official investigations are rare and in fact are not suitable, appropriate, is that the sector you feel aggrieved, make an effort, get their information, prepare your case and take and defend him to the entity that will conduct the inquiry. The state should not anticipate that, should observe the behavior of the sectors holding contacts with some sectors but, if the sector is not considered injured, the State could protect a sector on without the need should be noted that the law of Venezuela on unfair practices in international trade in 1992 was adopted in order to prevent the dumped imports or imports of subsidized products have a negative effect on domestic industry. The national body responsible for matters relating to the application of antidumping agreements is the Anti-Dumping and Subsidies Commission (CASS). CASS is an independent body empowered to initiate and conduct investigations and to implement measures. While CASS contributes to the promotion of trade through the defense of fair competition, the laws of Venezuela enhances the competitiveness of domestic industry by applying the rule of the “lesser duty”.

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