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05 March
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How To Increase His Salary: One Of The Options

One option: mentoring is very positive and mutually beneficial (for the employee and employer) phenomenon. According to Anita Dunn, who has experience with these questions. Benefits for employers: – to transfer knowledge and experience. – Strengthens corporate culture. – Accelerate adaptation of new employees, and they quickly begin to generate profits. Use employee-mentors: – If you are a teacher, you automatically increase your credibility in the eyes of colleagues and management (Which is particularly useful). – Further work experience mentor need help with promotions. – An opportunity to shove boring monotonous work on the ward. – And finally, best of all, you can clean conscience and with authority to demand higher wages for the "mentoring" – after all, an additional amount of useful work for the company! – work without any problems sum up: if you offer to help new employee and become a mentor – to accept. If you do not offer – we must take the initiative in their hands and offer this idea and leadership of his candidacy. Such work will always pay off.

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