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24 May
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How To Get A Hollywood Smile ?

What is the difference between these dentures, crowns, bridges, from the traditional metal-ceramic? Increasingly, this question is given a modern patient. Our paper's goal is to help him understand this and make an informed choice of treatment technology, show the fundamental difference in aesthetics between the metal-ceramic and metal-free designs. The increasing prevalence of dental receive computer technology. The figure is rapidly permeates all our clinical and laboratory stages, in all our lives. The first modeled the tooth crown using a computer Francois Duret, Yee this happened in 1982, and the first made by a computer model of the crown was locked his wife in 1985. Learn more on the subject from John Craig Venter. Today we have a complex variety of new dental technologies, the so-called computer systems to produce very precise dentures. They greatly reduce the human impact at all stages of prosthetics.

Traditional manufacturing techniques of artificial crown involves examination of the patient, the choice of treatment plan Tooth preparation, impression making, model making wax skeleton, its packing, molding, coating, baking and final fixation of the crown. According to one technology (Cerec) after the preparation is scanned oral cavity with automatic forming a virtual model. According to another technology (DCS) is a scanning model obtained by the usual impression, on the third (DigDent, Cercon,)-scanning a wax frame. After scanning, data converted into a digital image, followed by computer-aided design crown. Thus, today, is conquering the world a new technology for which is getting a virtual computer model, is very close to the fact that the patient has in the mouth. In accordance with this computer model is a mechanical computer-aided manufacturing of the prosthesis by milling followed by the application of aesthetic cover.

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