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02 October
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Ho Chi Minh City

Cinnamon slippers help against Fussgschweiss and smell cinnamon slippers are usually open-toed shoes, such as sandals, flip flops, flip flops or slippers, cinnamon was incorporated into the sole. Cinnamon has been used as a remedy for high blood pressure and poor blood circulation in the ancient Egypt and China 3000 years BC. Early people recognized the positive effects of cinnamon, more specifically, its essential oils on the body, especially on the soles of the feet, and so one carved wooden shoes made of the wood of the cinnamon tree. In the 80s they arrived in Viet Nam on the idea simply to work 30 to 40 grams of cinnamon in the soles of shoes. So are the shoes from the medical school in Ho Chi Minh City have been tested and registered in Viet Nam under the register number 1487 as exclusive invention.

The effect of cinnamon can unfold full after all, most manufacturers use to produce cinnamon slippers solely on natural products as: cotton, jute, bamboo, seagrass or Loofah. Used mostly for more solid shoes or running shoes Natural rubber, due to its durability. The essential oils in the cinnamon, which are absorbed through the skin, affect the body sweat-absorbent, soothing, warming, support the blood circulation and regulates the temperature of the feet. Thus, cinnamon slippers of course appeal to a wide range of people. The warming effect of the cinnamon is for people who suffer cold feet very useful. As well as people with sweaty feet that sweat-absorbing mode of action and the pleasant smell of cinnamon can make.

But even people who have no such problems, use cinnamon pine like and often due to the calming effect, the pleasant smell and its positive effect on blood pressure and blood circulation. In addition to the medical action, many people also appreciate the natural products comprise cinnamon slippers. Therefore, they are very popular among environmentally conscious people and are also reflects of a certain lifestyle. The general social trend to more Environmental awareness and the fact that the cinnamon slippers include oases and cures, for some years to the standard offer of wellness, led to enjoy cinnamon shoes in all social classes and groupings become great popularity and acceptance. Another advantage of the cinnamon slippers is the price. So most of these shoes of less or approximately 10 cost. The only downside of the cinnamon slippers: Because the manufacturers almost always on plastics, adhesives and chemicals without the shoes have a relatively short life, but, something given the price, not really in the weight. Marco white

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