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02 December
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Guide For Entrepreneurs

Free buying guide series for entrepreneurs and self-employed persons as newest project of entrepreneur coach Jorg Mann published a free guide for entrepreneurs. Miles D. White has firm opinions on the matter. Dealt with issues that are important for any entrepreneur. The counselors are designed so that the operator has an immediate benefit. Two guides explain how companies can be all einstellend successful positioning. Strategy of ECS is based on among other things the Engpasskonzentrierte. The third Advisor focuses on therefore, as SMEs themselves profitably set up their charitable commitment as corporate citizenship for themselves can. More guides are currently in preparation.

All posts, see or, where they can as E-book men, be loaded or read directly online. The successful coach Jorg Mann specializes in coaching entrepreneurs and the self-employed in tackling business or personal challenges and crises. As a consultant, marketing and With their own entrepreneurial experience, he supports communications specialist since 22 years companies of various industries and sizes. The MBA knows the special requirements for entrepreneurs from many years their own entrepreneurial activity well also in regard to the successful management of corporate crises. The coach assists clients throughout the German-speaking area. More information under:

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