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01 October
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Getting to Know Yourself

I still consider myself a blog writing novice but as I have a few entries under my belt I can tell you about an unexpected bonus of this process daily. Somatic Experiencing has much experience in this field. Many people think that blog writers are just people who are sounding the trumpets own chattering in the self-righteous about what they believe to be true in life. On the contrary, for me to write a blog has helped me reflect on my experience I can have otherwise been forgotten, if he had not scored. It has become a process of self-actualization, whether others have read my thoughts has become less of a priority for me. When I read about my past entries I am surprised to hear about the thoughts, ideas, and wisdom that is very relevant to my present experiences. It's as if I knew some of the solutions to my problems in the present, but still had to go through the experiences you have this knowledge become truly learned. I also find it rewarding, both in the aspects that I get to "revive" some moments in my life, and I have to analyze my previous thoughts.

This analysis often leads me to the new ideas he could not see clearly when I was at the outset. "Reliving past experiences" by reading the old journal entries can be a really powerful experience. You can be transported to the time when you're writing, and the time and feelings you had when writing the blog entry. Experiencing these events and feelings again can be a really enlightening process, especially if the emotions I had were the strong. An example of this in my blog is a recent survey of emotions when I wrote about a girl who had been dating and really started to like me he did not want to kiss me.

" However, when I read this entry I can feel those painful feelings, but in a new light, as time has passed and I'm gone. It gives me hope for the understanding that all feelings pass, and also in the knowledge that all things happen for a reason. This knowledge could not see at the time I was totally enveloped by my agony. These ideas in the past feelings and thoughts have been an eye opener for my self-introspection process. I think the blog can give you the opportunity to get to know you better, something all humans could be considered beneficial. All of us are on missions to find out who we are and why we are here on Earth. The blogging process might be another way for people to discover who they really are. Keep writing my friends!

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