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12 May
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Getting Rid Of Acne

Pimples, – skin disease, which periodically occurs in adolescence and may continue for quite some time. Acne – an inflammatory skin disease caused by changes in the hair follicle and sebaceous glands. Reasons for the nucleation of acne are quite varied, among them are: hormonal activity, hyperactive sebaceous glands, accumulation of dead skin cells, bacteria, stress. As a result, the pores slaughtered thickened product of the sebaceous glands and there are breeding mikrorganizmov that cause acne. The severity acne is divided into easy-medium severe. At the beginning of treatment mandatory consult your physician cosmetologist. The first thing to understand – you can not squeeze pimples yourself. Geneticist shines more light on the discussion. At the first appearance of acne you need to diagnose and determine what has caused this disease. And after determining the cause of inflammation of the sebaceous glands, and determine the type of acne, you can begin treatment. There are a huge number of tools and techniques to combat acne. Acne is a disease and should be treated. To find a clean healthy skin is quite real. Now in drugstores and beauty salons there oggromny choice of drugs against acne. Our portal will help you understand this diversity and provide recommendations on the choice of therapeutic drugs cosmetic masks. Besides, here you will find a method of application of acne, as well as helpful tips on how to clean the skin of imperfections. The People's tips will help cure acne you win with minimal losses disease. In addition to medicines against acne there are a number of preventive measures that minimize the risk of acne: usually produces a change of personnel linen pillowcases and towels, etc., in the morning and evening to do cleansing without soap, and a special tool, suitable for your skin, do not squeeze pimples, because it provokes the emergence of new, be sure to wash makeup before going to sleep, exercise, do morning exercises, how to move more and visit the open air, daily drink about 2 liters of fluid.

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