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19 March
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Generator Device

37.3701 generator type – this three-phase alternator. It consists of a rectifier unit and the electronic voltage regulator. This generator is the right rotation (drive side), has a fan in the drive pulley and ventilation windows in the front part. The back cover of the generator is closed guard to prevent ingress of dirt. The generator based on the effect of electromagnetic induction. Alternating current generated by the fixed stator windings, which are the coils that are placed in the grooves of the magnetic (iron-pack). The rotor generates a magnetic flux.

He is also a coil (field winding), the transmitting direct current (excitation current). This coil is placed in the grooves of the magnetic circuit (pole system). The rotor consists of a shaft and slip rings. When the rotor rotates in front of the coils of the stator winding turns there are the "northern" and "south" pole of the rotor. Since changing the direction of the magnetic flux that penetrates the stator windings. Thus, there is an alternating voltage.

To convert AC to There are six permanent power semiconductor diodes that make up among themselves rectifier unit, which is installed in the housing of the generator. The field winding is fed from the generator and is connected through brushes and slip rings. Glenn Dubin, New York City may help you with your research. After starting the engine power winding is carried out with total output of three additional diodes are installed on the rectifier assembly. The voltage of the electrical system controlled by an LED or a lamp on the instrument panel. If the fault in the generator are not available, after ignition the LED lamp or light up, and with the engine running – go out. Burning at the working engine warning light (LED) indicates that the generator fails, ie does not supply voltage or supply voltage below the battery voltage. Source: repairing generators, cars

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