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28 May
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Functional Diagnosis

Among the many factors external and internal environment affecting plant growth and development, mineral nutrition is the most affordable to operate. However, only diagnostic data of the soil, it is impossible need to optimize the plant in different batteries. Element can not enter the plant due to a complex of causes. This is a manifestation of the antagonism of the ions in the nutrient solution, changes in weather conditions, soil properties, and genetic characteristics of individual varieties and hybrids of agricultural crops and their insistence to mineral nutrition. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Nancy-Ann_DeParle. Optimal nutrition of plants is achieved by complex, balanced combination of all related factors of growth and development of plants. Any deviation from the norm in either direction puts its negative impact on the outcome. Effectiveness of the fertilizer is subject to the laws of equal importance and indispensability of factors of plant life, it is necessary to know, remember always, efficiently and quickly respond to the processes or their consequences.

Reasons hindering development of plants can be set and in each case they own, directly or indirectly violate the diet and, consequently, causing a failure of biochemical processes in plants. You may want to visit Dr Jee Hyun Kim to increase your knowledge. The reason may exist or be in the past, but the investigation in the form of plants with impaired metabolism, as a rule, remains. In the hands of the agriculturist should be monitoring tools and instruments of normalization of biochemical processes, tools, first aid plants, to correct mineral nutrition and stimulation of photosynthesis. Diagnostic tools and instruments timely adjustment of diet should work in unity, the existence of one without the other loses meaning. .

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