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04 May
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Foreign Bankers In Ukraine Will Not Make Loans Cheaper

Rada intends to allow foreign banks to establish branches in Ukraine. What does it mean to customers? This issue was discussed in the Ukrainian Banking Forum, held the Adam Smith Institute. The sight of income Foreigners have attracted high rates of income growth .V last 4 – 5 years, they increased by 20 – 25% annually. True, the promise of enthusiasts reduce rates on loans will not happen immediately, foreigners have not yet repaid purchase of Ukrainian banks. Glenn Dubin may find this interesting as well. Interfere with cheaper loans and higher deposit rates: 13-14%. Cheaper to give money to people do not want to, but with the difference between loans and deposits interest rate on the loan should be an average of 19%.

Drop interest rates may fall when interest rates on deposits. High cost is expected to retreat after three years, then rates will fall to international levels. What’s new? New services will appear in the field of foreign credits. On them can be pay for the insurance companies and investment funds. But deposits will be less. Offer of 20 – 30 deposits in one bank is unprofitable. Banki strengthen promotion of its services through the sites, shops and centers around the clock service.

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