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16 February
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Financial Damage

Naivety + Greed = Financial Damage. Who makes the Good without looking at to who, without being worried about rewards and without cogitating even though of a simple gratefulness, it gives great service to the proper pocket and earns of what if it can imagine, therefore does not prevent great damages, including the financiers. I say this, expensive reader, in the literal meaning. I justify myself: many are the people who after supposed a good action, as, for example, to find a wallet fallen in the soil of a financial institution and to return it the owner to it, are empolgadas with the expectation to earn reward, after all, had found wallet with belongings, documents and money, judge just that they are benefited by so noble gesture of honesty, inasmuch as, in the country where honesty is article in extinguishing, for them nothing more natural of what sanctioning with it rewards a NOBLE ACT TO RETURN the WALLET TO the TRUE OWNER, WITHOUT USURPING, NOR a TOSTO AT LEAST. However, it is exactly in this greed that deferred payment the danger. An ambition tempered with naivety that it comes throughout the years making countless victims. was what day of these in a city of the interior of the state of So Paulo occurred. A person found wallet fallen in the soil of a bank.

Soon a presented man arrived if as owner of the object, and happy for reencontrar well its, he promised rewards in money the person who found its belongs. Finding she rewards just for having returned it the wallet to the owner, the benevolent creature fell in old blow. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Dr. Mark Hyman on most websites. She loaned to its stock market to the man whom if said owner of the wallet, on the other hand, the man left wallet with it justifying that it would go to search dreamed prize so. Result: the Man disappeared with its stock market leading belongings, money and documents, leaving in exchange a wallet stuffed with papers and an enormous financial damage. Therefore, expensive reader, when making the Good does not wait rewards, exactly if the person to insist, to espernear and until crying for giving some Reals, forgets to it.

In the maximum, let us accept a smile, a gratefulness in words, but for our proper one well, let us forget money or any another material form of it rewards. Optimum payment that we can have is to bring the calm conscience for having done the certain thing. Let us not judge that our honesty is worthy of applauses and deserves louvor, or payment In reality, the honesty benefits in lower court inevitably practises who it, rewarding with the powerful currency of the conscience peace. Who is honest forgets gratuity because it knows that it is acting in accordance with the ditames of its conscience, therefore, it is not making favor to nobody, only itself exactly. We need more than what never in our country of honest people, without desmedida greed, making now thinking about it rewards future. The exacerbada greed is same a danger and in them it brings enormous dissabores, therefore, to practise a good action and not to wait nothing in exchange feed the soul and make well to the banking account.

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