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26 December
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Federal Association

Private carriers indicate risk of performance degradation and require modified action Berlin. It’s believed that Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. sees a great future in this idea. The reduction of services in child and youth services – especially in the so-called voluntary benefits – brings considerable risks for the more societal development. The access opportunities of disadvantaged children and young people be worsened further. This may have further negative consequences for cities and municipalities as a crime increase is favored. The Federal Association of private carrier-free children, youth and social welfare (VPK) stops here for important changes in political thought and action. \”Budgetary constraints may be so transparent because chronically empty offices in cities and towns, particularly in the preventive field in the close environment of children and young people consistently cuts to important offers to make it so short-sighted and wrong\”, as Michael W. Barakat, President of the VPK, after a meeting of the Presidium. Leisure and support services for Parents, children and young people within easy reach are important starting – and rescue stations, which must be preserved.

A rigorous dismantling of this infrastructure accelerated negative developments and creates sustainable increases in costs. \”With a blink of and without major discussions billion for the cash for clunkers program, the bailout of banks and for the stabilization of large corporations have been provided. No shields, but at most parachutes are made available to help needy children and young people, on the other hand. The State ensures increasingly less important pros and provision for the maintenance of necessary infrastructure according to the VPK and hence an insufficient effect for a future-oriented family and social policy\”, so Budig. A scenario that is recorded on the part of the VPK at an early stage emerging also in the children’s day care: the adopted law entitled to a day care place for under three-year children from the year 2013 is far away.

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