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06 November
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Estudiado Life

The amount of information that can be retained imports in these devices. But in our brain more than that what matters is how relevant is the information that you can remember. Your memory is wonderful because it has been efficiently used his ability. It has been able to select the most significant memories of that time. And the details, those irrelevant things, were deleted. So that you understand the superiority of your memory in relation to the digital camera, think. Do you’d be able to keep with your Chamber continuing 50 years of your life? I don’t think so. But perfectly you can do with your memory because it is very efficient.

She only take care of the most relevant facts to cover that period so great. But the video camera can do that. Even so your memory will be forced to delete most of your life. And you probably don’t want that to happen. Another problem is that the fidelity of such information cannot be guaranteed. The majority of it will be disfigured.

You can never remember the facts exactly as they occurred. It will come someday in your life in which you will spend all in hindsight. And perhaps time hurts you have forgotten almost everything. And even knows someone contradicts your memories and you can not defend yourself because no canned an objective record of your life. After all, it will only be your memory and she is not nor much less infallible. And this is my advice: carries a journal where notes the things of the day not you’d never forget. When the years pass you won’t have nothing to fear. There will be no reason to get sad. Everything important will have it registered and can evoke. That is a way to save your life. You’ll see what shocking will be for you to travel to the past thanks to your journal. You’ll find amazing your life things because you can cover in details full years of your existence. Almost nobody has that opportunity. Te percataras details in which you never centraste attention. Try it and you’ll see, it will be amazing.

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