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15 January
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Environment Megapolis

Among the factors most strongly degrade the environment of any large city, the main role played by the increasing number of cars and increase the concentration of exhaust gases and dust. From the perspective of the traditional approach to landscaping, with carbon dioxide and dust in the yard should handle the lawn. The need to find room in dense urban areas and lawns, and parking lot leads to the fact that the asphalt parking lot wins lawns. (As opposed to Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.). Attempts used for parking green zone ends badly. It's not that the exhaust is bad for plants (on the contrary, some of them absorbed or used by bushes and grass in the process of photosynthesis): tire treads destroy the soil, resulting in the death of plants. Solution to the problem of economical and ecological improvement – environmental parkovka.Ekoparkovka, its structure and benefits of environmental allows parking combine the green area in the yard or on a city highway and parking. While the lawn is quickly destroyed the soil fertile layer, the ecological park, it is stored for a long time (with proper care, you can not change it in Within three to four years). The strength of the soil layer due to its very ekoparkovke structure: prepared the ground leveled, pillow (in sequence) of crushed stone, sand, water permeable geotextile, lawn array of durable plastic or, less commonly, concrete.

On top of the lawn bars poured the soil in which grass is planted – landscaping is completed. The benefits of the environmental park include: longevity (Plastic lawn grille withstand prolonged pressure of vehicles weighing up to six tons), the stability of grass cover (grass trampled quickly straightens up, and the root system remains intact, thanks to lattice), the ability to absorb part of the exhaust gases and dust (the latter partially renews the soil.) Landscaping in the city with the help of examples of successful use of ekoparkovok know how many. Thus, in Togliatti Samara – cities, "known" bad environment, bringing the plan to the European standards (on the eve of the World Cup), including through ekoparkovok substantially improved the composition of the atmosphere. Buy Lawn lattice forces as large organizations and public authorities, and individuals planning to landscaping and planting of suburban area. The market deals in the industry is growing and the latest trends of urban improvement suggests that the major metropolitan areas of Russia, solving the shortage of parking spaces in urban areas, and seriously thinking about ecology.

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