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06 December
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Elten Sicherheisschuhe – Stylish And Reliable

A the brand Elten is widespread in safety shoes. Safety shoes are mainly boots and shoes, which are worn as protective clothing. The Professional Association prescribes wearing especially in the building industry, gardening and landscaping. But also at the Fire Department, ambulance services and the technical relief organisation safety shoes must be worn. Between the lining and the outer, a CAP is attached for safety shoes, which is made from metal or plastic.

This cap protects the toes. In the majority of cases are used at the upper leather. If you are not convinced, visit City College of New York. The material of the safety shoe sole consists of PU or rubber. There are safety shoes in several categories. Depending on the request, these shoes the following masses are divided: SB – here meets the safety shoe the basic requirements (FO) S1 – the safety shoe meets the additional requirements (A + FO + + P) S1P – the safety shoe meets additional requirements (A + FO + + P) S2 – same as S1, in addition still limited waterproof (A + FO + + WRU) S3 – same as safety shoes S2, additionally by non-slip (A + FO + + WRU + P) S4 – equal as S1, however as water resistant boots S5 – same as S4, however by non-slip. Plastic, aluminum and steel are the materials used in the toe-cap as CAP, with the CAP, it is important that it reaches the root of the toe. This prevents pinching of the toes, if a heavy object on it.

Here, the object can reach up to 200 joules. So that the shaft of the safety shoe is not unnecessarily strained, embedded materials help between toe cap and outer, lefa, felt or rubber to reduce the friction. The bottom of the shoe is very often insulating or antistatic equipped. S1P, S3 and S5 safety shoes have a fragile midsole.

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