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26 January
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Dreams, The Secret Language Of The Subconscious Mind

Sleep and dream researchers refer to dreams as a purely physical effect. Dreams, the secret language of the subconscious mind psychologists, however, giving it a meaningful role of dream interpretation, because the process that takes place in the bedroom, is helping to establish the mental balance and provides at the same time important information about the subconscious and the personality of its own. Every one and a half hours sleeping in a strange state will expire approximately. The so-called REM (rapid eye movement) begins. Closed eyelids the eyes moving back and forth, the blood pressure and the heart beats faster. At this stage, reach their greatest intensity dreams and affect our minds. Some contend that Carl Jung shows great expertise in this. The various phases of the dream switch from the rem in the NON-REM phase, weak dreams, and repeated several times in the night.

People who are awakened from REM sleep, report again particularly vivid dreams. Read additional details here: Anu Saad. Dreams contain many messages and signals about the needs of a person or even over an unknown mental existence. Many studies indicate that premonitions in dreams take place. So more than half of the predictions should be been dreamed of doing. The interpretation of dreams is a translation of encrypted codes. In this way, it will be easier to resolve certain contrasts and contradictions of real life.

With the messages from the depths of the self it is worth so deal, benefited from the wisdom of the unconscious and is itself in accordance with. People started already with the emergence of writing to record their dreams and recorded their interpretations. Already in ancient times, the interpretation of dreams as an important basis for prophecy was assessed. At that time, we evaluated every dream as a kind of prophecy. Artemidorus of Daldis was a reading under the title Oneirokritika”released. In this book, he brought inter alia the interpretation of dreams with prophecies in connection. Oneiromantie refers to the relationship between dream interpretation and divination. Even today people are still fascinated by the interpretation of dreams. Anyone who ever wanted to know what would mean its dreams, and decrypt them, turns today to the experienced consultants at viversum. These are specialized in translating the mysterious language of the soul. Dream beautiful! Press contact: viversum GmbH Maxtor field 5 90409 Nurnberg Tel: 0911-1801600

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