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13 December
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Doctor of Philosophy and Science

MORAL OF THE GREATNESS when I was 15 years now I have 24, my spirit inquired many things, including which were just and which unjust, if perhaps it was better to receive an injustice or committed. and many other things in the same genre. when we left school, I was talking with my classmates. which somehow I still perceived as a stranger, perchance they were right. as the philosopher who started in the areas I thought was discarded and his famous speech of the method. why life analyzed second by second, even seemed a being detached from reality.

suddenly during this dialogue, I began to say that man's mission was to help his fellow man as far as possible. IVAM road up a kind of inclined enough to consume the energy of a man who was climbing on a bicycle. a man after a few seconds pass by our side in a wheelchair, one of my fellow gay and mocking, said, poor wretch, and arms will not hold up, then I understood the first message of life. leave them aside and told them and the reach, I went to where the man and politely told him "I can help you sir? what I replied good girl, when you take the wheelchair and started to push up to a flat, understood that one should not expect anything good deeds. astonished my colleagues accompanied me all the way, then one of them, that is, the mocking, he said, and that he won something. or just went to spend energy. I look and I said, I do not win anything.

the reward felt by the minute, every time you see pushing this wheel cilla. ie the satisfaction of helping a man who makes more than us. the same action brings the reward, no later. I look and I said: if you say so. obviously, many criticize this letter saying that I envanesco and seeking glory, I want to spend as if socrates or some wise man. I tell them that I have not done anything that any man can not do. if to speak of a wise and rational, would speak of Christ. but not religiously, and if, as would speak of a true brother. whether they can commencement of the action or criticism to this letter. JOSEORLANDOMELONARANJO DOCTOR IN PHILOSOPHY AND SCIENCE.

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