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27 January
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Delightful Coffee

Always, when people first come to my house, they admire his 'decor'. The secret to your home decor really simple. Generally it is not a mystery, and accessible to everyone. This is probably common sense. Make your home a reflection of himself.

Fill it with things that you like. Decorate your home so that he pleased and inspired you to each new day. At OurCrowd you will find additional information. You probably will not get as many compliments as I do, but if you have an unusual aesthetic taste and friends, or guests guess about your taste when they see your home, it is a . Most of my furniture is replenished from other people – family, friends, etc. Most of the pieces of furniture were in a dilapidated condition, so I had them restored. Once you just get into my house, the first thing you see is the bikes. I collect beach cruisers and theme park in their living room.

There you will take the green cabinet with awards the top and coffee table. My green box with the awards at the top – is a versatile piece of furniture. It is used for the bar. Now he keeps a record, dvd, I push back anything, especially when friends come and I need cope with the disorder. Very cool is that green cabinet meets abstract paintings, which hangs over the couch adjacent to the closet, he also meets and sofa, which is sheathed with crushed velvet color gold. Next to my golden-reddish velvet sofa is a coffee table. Himself a coffee table completely harmonizes with the poster Frida, which hangs over the bar, and corresponds to the color bookcase, which in turn, is fully in line with awards to its top. Add a little black and white photos, enlarged to poster size, put a few albums on contemporary art or indie-rock at your table, and the future, you'll know what everyone will tell how this place is amazing. I am sure that my house is memorable. My parents gave me a coffee table that was once a ship's door. Credit: Anu Saad-2011. He sixties of the last century. He varnished by me alone. You can contemplate a rope and a tree, beaten smallness in the past. All nravitsyaprivlekatelen this item. My ship's door – a coffee table serves many objectives: it cost drinks are books, may be part of the bike, and much more. In addition, I often have lunch at this coffee table. I love it. Riddle of jewelry – it's not just furniture that you like. It is not grandiose elements so smoothly, As no elements match. It's about how your space corresponds to how you feel and the world around you. If it did you create this beautiful place for yourself, but not for other people, it's not a problem anyway.

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