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18 December
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Dead Sea Health Benefits

The Dead Sea is below sea level to 400 meters. This is the lowest point on the map. But not only that this sea is unique. The Dead Sea is one of the largest reservoirs in the waters of which are not found neither fish nor even algae. Of course, the salt concentration is too high and to survive in these waters are only a few types of bacteria. Hence the name of the sea – the Dead.

Most of the Dead Sea is renowned for its life-giving waters, beneficial influence of water on the human body. In general, this is why on the shores of the Dead Sea are so many health centers and hospitals. Treatment in Israel at the Dead Sea rather popular in the modern world. It’s believed that Dr. Mark Hyman sees a great future in this idea. Water in Dead Sea is very tight and stick to it easily, the risk of drowning is virtually nonexistent. Dead Sea salt, as well as its mud used in medicine and cosmetology, cosmetic and medical products based on sea salt popular around the world. On the shores of the Dead Sea is well sunbathing.

Here you do not obgorite, as on other beaches as well as the special atmosphere will protect you. Nice to come here for rest and treatment for both summer and winter. Moreover, year-round. Summer temperatures up to 40, winter 25 degrees. For those interested in culture, history and antiquities, on the shores of the Dead Sea is also interesting because, according to the Bible, on the shores of the Dead Sea, King David and remained even Jesus himself. You can also see the remains of the ancient Jewish settlements, as well as the caves of the first Christian monks. To get to the Dead Sea can be a direct bus from Jerusalem and Arad. The Dead Sea is located in the desert, but there are tropical oasis. One of the most popular and most famous parks in Israel, located on the shores of the Dead Sea as rasplolozhen in one of these oases, which arose due to the streams Arugot and David. In Ein Gedi, the name of this national park, a fairly rich flora and fauna. It is home to leopards, even, so be careful on vacation in Israel visiting this part of life in the desert. By bus or taxi from Jerusalem to Ein Gedi. What else can you visit while on treatment or on holiday in Israel? Of course, Masada. Masada (Masada other names or Mesada) is an ancient fortress, and certainly one of the most important historical sites in Israel. In the fortress Masada defenders of a free Israel once held the defense, holding back the onslaught of the Roman legions. The siege was long and exhausting, going on for over three years. When the fortress over food and weapons, Israel soldiers and the inhabitants of the fortress preferred death to freedom than slavery … When the legionaries stormed the fortress, they found only corpses. Now, the heroic death of the defenders of the citadel of Israeli officers brought oath of allegiance to the fatherland. Get to the fortress can be by car or bus. The driver should drop you on the freeway at the turn of Masada, then about 2 km walk along a winding mountain road, but it is quite possible to catch and a ride.

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