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14 April
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Corporate Communication Master

“Everybody has to know that there are ups and downs and what matters is not knowing you have a crisis, but how to manage it,” says Professor Fernandez Aguado DG area at the European Forum, Business School of Navarra (Spain), author of some thirty works as “Artists in the History of Spanish management ‘,’ Builders of leaders’, etc. In this context, Enrique Alcat, Professor of Corporate Communication Master in European Business School in Spain, and crisis management consultant, admitted that there are only two options: “sink or look to the future, confident in yourself, being proactive and using its network of contacts (networking). Anyone who opts for the positive attitude is what will come out “and pointed to three concepts to emerge stronger from the current situation: preparation, prevention and transparent communication.

Of course before this reality of having to sell, act in environments with uncertainty recession, has led to management companies that want to succeed give way to new actions that will ensure participation at the lowest possible risk and that is why says the need for vigilance with regard to costs, which represents its operation, functioning both as productive as at operations. ‘From here, they eat most of the companies, public and private have definitely opted for the reduction of operating costs against the reduction of income and therefore profits. Under these policies, many business models that rely on changes in their management models through the adjustment of its workforce. “The crises are crises and all companies have done the same: to reduce costs,” acknowledged Jose Maria Ortiz, director of the Program Excellens (Administration and Management + Law + Master in Leadership and Professional People) at the University Francisco de Vitoria (Madrid), who advocates this policy of savings and cost containment in the companies and that “reducing costs can often mean increased scrutiny,” but you always have to go further, looking for formulas that allow management recovery, such as innovation and recruitment of talent.

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