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30 October
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Contact Centers

Using data interaction such as the number dialed (DNIS), the customer’s phone number (ANI) or account number, this type of application data into a deal with the call on different types of databases and based on customer records using a single routing scheme is applied to serve the customer. This allows the client to be identified and informed about decisions and what types of resources will be used to handle your case. You can send low-value transactions automatic care resources (less expensive in operation) as an Automatic Voice Response (IVR or VRU), or if necessary, aviarlo to agents who have specific training needs of client (not only personal but also operational, eg Account Executive for a specific language). Customers with delinquent accounts may be sent to group collections. Routing Smart now time, leading to profitable operations and helps to create customer loyalty. Transfer the call to customer information a Keep customer information through calls transferred between groups of staff a Minimize the time it takes to recompile the client information Often when a client is transferred between groups of agents, have to repeat your personal information agent. Customers find it extremely frustrating and unproductive use of staff time.

If a client needs to be transferred from one agent group to another or from an automated system (IVR) to a live agent, information self-service that the customer entered, for example the account number and data to be consulted the database must be transferred together with the client to the new group or agent. If an agent modifies the customer profile, you must submit all changes when transferring contact. This prevents clients from having to repeat information and demonstrates that company recognizes and values each customer. In Conclusion The use of customer information to route calls and to inform agents are key to creating a highly personalized experience of the contact center, which leads to more profitable transactions and growing customer loyalty. New technologies for contact centers and CTI can provide routing based on customer data and display the data related to the operation performed, it is necessary to create a personalized experience to win and keep customers today’s competitive environment.

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